The demographic crisis, coupled with the lack of opportunities for the development, implementation, and quality leisure of young people, are issues experienced by rural and settlement territorial communities throughout Ukraine. Unfortunately, the Poltava region is no exception.

Our editorial staff is confident that these problems can be solved, at least partially, through the implementation of youth projects and initiatives.

TV channel Studio PTV.UA is located in Poltava. Over the ten years of our activity, we have collaborated with communities in the region, providing them with a platform for broadcasting, addressing their problems, and assisting them in overcoming existing challenges. Thanks to this, we managed to assemble a sufficient contact list, gain their trust, and establish a high-quality format of collaboration, enabling us to implement large-scale projects together with them.

Editing director at work

With the beginning of a full-scale invasion, due to lack of funding, our editorial staff was forced to significantly reduce the production of regional and socially important content. Therefore, such activities are possible only with the support of grant donors.

With the support of the Ukrainian Media Business Association, we decided to create five informational videos that could serve as a road map for the authorities and active residents of the territorial communities of the Poltava region on their way to implementing youth initiatives, arranging a comfortable environment and raising funding for such projects. And also to hold a panel discussion, where representatives of local self-government bodies could discuss existing problems and exchange their personal experiences.

We decided to focus on fundraising because many territorial communities simply do not have enough budget funds for the implementation of youth projects.

Through the examples of the Kolomak, Novoselivka, Opishnia, and Hradyzk communities in the Poltava region, we illustrated the potential for raising funds from various sources, with a primary focus on patrons and grant providers. Our final video focused specifically on direct fundraising recommendations. The head of the Investment Department of the Poltava Regional Council took part in its filming, and provided information on the existing specialized programs of the Regional Council.

Materials created as part of the project can bring real benefits to viewers. First, to inspire the implementation of youth initiatives in other communities of the Poltava region. Secondly, provide specific recommendations.

Creative team

We believe that one of the key factors for the success of our team’s work is to offer communities that are just starting to explore unconventional investment paths the opportunity to believe in their own strength, learn from experience, and realize the scale that grant activities can provide, among other things. During the discussion, as well as through feedback at the end of the project, we realized how important it is for communities to get to know each other, especially those located at a great distance from each other. It is through the exchange of experience, as well as inter-municipal cooperation, that opportunities for communities to implement new joint initiatives open up.

We believe that, thanks to our activities, the authorities and residents of the territorial communities in the Poltava region have gained knowledge that will genuinely help improve life in their localities and implement initiatives that residents truly need. After all, the mission of a true journalist is to be a promoter and lobbyist for social change.

AUTHOR: Vadym Patyk, NGO “Poltava Public Television” (PTV.UA)

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