The editorial staff of the newspaper “PRAPOR” implemented the grant project “Closer Acquaintance for the Benefit of All” in the Khoroshiv community, with the aim of assisting in the integration of internally displaced persons into the community.

We implemented that project with the support of the Ukrainian Media Business Association with funding from the European Union. Yurii Isaiev, an experienced and wise mentor, as well as a well-known media manager, walked that path with us. His professional advice and comments helped us overcome difficulties on the way to implementing the project and contributed to our professional growth.

For two months-from October 1 to November 30, we worked hard. We increased the awareness of our displaced people regarding the opportunities available to improve their situation, as well as the assistance they can receive from authorities at various levels, institutions, and organizations.

Throughout the implementation of the project, we discussed these activities in the newspaper and across digital platforms such as the website, and on social media including a Facebook group, a Telegram channel, and an Instagram page. There are videos about some events on YouTube.

Over the past two months, during which we implemented the project, we have increased the audience on our digital platforms by almost 20%. About 90% of our readers gave a positive assessment of information about the events that we held within the framework of the project.

We raise donations to the Armed Forces together with the community

At the beginning of the project, it appeared to us that the most challenging task was the execution of an event demanding extensive participation of people and resources, organizing a charity fair to raise funds for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Nevertheless, it seems to us that we have taken a very correct step: we have engaged people with prior experience in this business to organize and conduct this fair. These are local volunteers from the Khoroshiv Volunteer Movement team. Most of all, a volunteer and creative person Ania Zhelizko, as well as a well-known event host Olena Vieduchieieva, joined the common cause.

In Khoroshiv, the charity fair successfully raised more than 47 thousand hryvnias for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Anna Zhelizko is a very busy person – she has her own business and is very actively engaged in volunteering. However, she accepted our offer immediately. Internally displaced persons of the community also actively participated in the fair. For example, Yuliia Solokha from the Kherson region organized a location for children’s aqua make-up. It was her work that was in great demand. The children willingly put their faces under Yulia’s brush.

We had a very good cooperation. We encouraged several hundred people to participate in the fair and enjoyed working together, and as a result, we collected more than 47 thousand hryvnias for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This is a certain record. No one in our community has ever collected such a sum at various fairs and events. We gave money to volunteer Vasyl Sorokin. They purchased a thermal imager for one of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This information is available on social media, the “Prapor” newspaper page, and the “Khoroshiv Volunteer Movement” page.

Helping IDPs is another priority

Another event that, in our opinion, was very important, is a meeting between displaced persons and residents of the community with government representatives based on the results of a survey of displaced persons. Using a questionnaire specially developed as part of the project, we interviewed 105 IDPs. We analyzed the completed questionnaires, grouped thematically the questions and problems that are currently the most important for IDPs. We shared the results of the questionnaires to the community leadership, social services, employment center, and media professionals. And at the meeting, all representatives provided the necessary information, and answered all the questions that interested the audience.
People thanked us after the event. And we enjoyed the result.
We are confident that the key to success lies in the ability to attract experienced people to the team, correctly distribute responsibilities, formulate a realistic plan, and honestly execute the assigned tasks.

guided tours were conducted for internally displaced persons of the community and residents of the village

The idea to hold a charity fair came up logically. There is a war in the country. Khoroshiv community is relatively safe but we have many families of the military here, and many people lost their loved ones in the war. More than 1,460 internally displaced persons are registered in the community, including more than 500 children. Therefore, supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine is a cause that brings us closer to victory over the invaders, who threaten the lives, health, and homes of our people. That cause unites communities.

This is the opinion of the editorial staff, volunteers and government officials, and those who implemented this event together with us.
We succeeded because we were convinced that we were doing something useful. And we did it!

This project is implemented with the financial support of the European Union. Its content is the sole responsibility of PRAPOR NEWSPAPER EDITORIAL OFFICE LLC and does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union.